Allied Associates

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Allied Ohmega

“The Omega resistivity meter is a lightweight dedicated sounding instrument with a very impressive 200mA current o/pdesigned for conventional applications where budgets may be a consideration.”


Allied Tigre

“Configurable to 32, 64 & 128 electrodes spacing within a single unit the Tigre is a high quality earth resistance meter capable of accurate measurements to depths of 700m.”


Allied Leak Detector

“Electrical Leak locating equipment designed for use on soil covering a newly laid geomembrane on a landfill site. A cost effective method for locating a leak caused by the heavy earth moving machinery during construction, minimizing the amount of material to be removed for repair.”


Imager Pro Software



“ImagerPro2006 represents a complete redesign of the original ImagerPro2000 software program for the Campus & Allied Tigre-64, 32 and 128 resistivity imaging systems. ImagerPro2006 supports all the most commonly used array geometries including; Wenner α, Wenner β, Dipole-Dipole, Wenner Schlumberger and Pole-Dipole.”