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Allied Associates are please to offer GPR equipment manufactured by GSSI, of North Salem, New Hampshire USA. AAGL have potentially the largest stock of GSSI equipment outside the USA for hire, which by itself has been a welcome to the radar industry as it has provided our customer base access to the latest technology. GSSI, renowned as the worlds leading manufacturer and developer of radar equipment, manufacture systems for complex and straightforward applications alike.

Founded in 1970, GSSI have produced and sold in excess of 1400 radar systems, starting with the early analogue equipment, and currently producing highly sophisticated multi channel systems such as the Sir-10H, Sir-20, and Pathfinder system. Dedicated software is also produced by GSSI to assist the customer process data if required, with RadanNT being the current platform with dedicated modules offered for specific functions.

Allied have enjoyed a close working relationship with GSSI, whose equipment is regarded throughout industry as the standard equipment for professional companies engaged in radar applications. Many academic institutes own and use GSSI equipment as it is superior, versatile and with such a wide range of transducers available, is cost effective when multi tasking is required.

At AAGL we can offer equipment sales ( and rental ( of GSSI products. In addition AAGL are an appointed warranty repair company for equipment repair and maintenances, consumables and spare parts.

For additional information about GSSI, contact
Additional information is also available on the GSSI web site at

Sir-2000, 400-Mhz transducer in use at a Graveyard site.

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