Innovation in Magnetic Field Measuring Instruments

“a single axis, vertical component fluxgate gradiometer comprising a data logger, battery cassette and either one or two Grad-01-1000L cylindrical gradiometer sensors mounted on a rigid carrying bar. Each sensor contains two fluxgate magnetometers with one meter vertical separation.”


Non-Magnetic Cart

“This lightweight, carbon fiber cart is designed to carry up to 12 Grad-13 or Grad-01 gradiometer sensors together with all the related batteries and data logging equipment. The 3m, 20kg cart can be pushed or towed behind a vehicle.”



“A High-stability fluxgate gradient sensor with a one meter separation between the sensing elements and an effective sensitivity of 0.03nT/m. The exceptional temperature stability of this sensor ensures minimal drift during surveys and reduces the need for adjustment to a minimum.”


About Bartington® Instruments

Bartington Instruments designs and manufactures high precision fluxgate magnetometers, gradiometers, magnetic susceptibility instruments and associated data processing equipment.
The company was founded in 1985, and in the 30 years since we have built up a vast body of experience that lets us manufacture sensors with maximised sensitivity, an absolute minimum of noise, wide bandwidth and low power consumption. Our fluxgates are manufactured to fulfil each order on our premises.
Our Research and Development team undertakes development contracts for a number of private and government organisations. We employ over 60 people in product manufacture, research and development, sales, marketing and administration.
Around 80% of our products are exported worldwide to customers working in the sectors of defense, aerospace, geophysics, industry, physics and archaeology, and oil and mineral exploration companies.
The Company is accredited to ISO9001:2008.