SBS-4002 Series

“A two bay, level-3, standalone battery charger that is compliant with the standard Smart Battery System. The two bays are charged simultaneously and a discharge can be performed in either bay. The SBS-4002 uses an external universal switching power supply of 24V up to 120W.”


“High quality power supplies are both very reliable and cost effective”


“We offer top quality and cost effective DC adaptors for use in vehicles of all types using a standard cigarette lighter plug in.”

About Energy Access

Energy Access was founded in 1998 initially to service the “Smart” (SMBus) battery charger market. (These batteries contain a “gas gauge” that communicates critical information between the pack and the host.) The SMBus protocol had become standard in the laptop computer industry and was rapidly spreading into other markets where sophisticated power control was important. This technology is now common in medical devices, military applications, industrial applications, safety and security equipment.