Professional Software for Electromagnetic Instruments & GPS Positioning


“The RTmap31 will allow you to perform surveys faster by covering sites with uniformly spaced lines while avoiding skipping areas, and preventing the potential unnecessary overlap of survey lines. Simultaneous full control of the EM31 output, data quality, EM31 settings, as well as GPS receiver parameters and GPS warning mask”



“The TrackMaker package is designed to allow the operator to collect EM data and GPS positions simultaneously into a single data file, while providing a graphical view of the collected GPS stations and current operator position in real time. Individual TrackMaker software packages have been developed to support the following Geonics instruments: EM31-MK2, EM61-MK2, EM61, EM38, EM38B, and EM38DD.”


TrackMaker 601

“For Bartington Grad601 fluxgate gradiometer consists of two programs: field data acquisition component (NAV601) and the MS Windows
(XP/7) based data processing software (TrackMaker601). Works with virtually any GPS receiver by supporting NMEA
Messages; GGA, POS, GLL, LLQ, LLK,
GGK, and Leica and Trimble Robotics Total Stations, and collects Grad601 and GPS data into one file simultaneously”


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About Geomar Software Inc.

Geomar Software Inc. (formerly Geomar Geophysics Ltd.) has been developing operational software for Geonics Limited instrumentation for over 15 years. It should come as no surprise then that Geomar Software Inc. is leading the way to specialized programming for your needs; whether it be in the field of precision agriculture, environmental site characterization, unexploded ordnance (UXO) or geotechnical engineering. In the event that a program needs to be modified for your particular requirements, we will work with you.

We are committed to keeping our customers happy through our hands-on approach to solving problems, field experience, and strong technical background with the instrumentation. This is an important advantage we know we have.