Global leaders in non-destructive Concrete test equipment
Profometer PM650

“Based on the new generation Profometer Touchscreen unit, the instrument offers real time control over the measurement procedure directly on site.”


Ultrasonic Pule Echo PL200PE

“The Pundit PL-200PE employs state-of-the-art pulse echo technology to extend the ultrasonic application to objects where access is restricted to a single side”


SilverSchmidt Concrete Test Hammer

“The SilverSchmidt ST/PC is the first integrated concrete test hammer featuring true rebound value and unmatched repeatability.
Two factors contribute to the improved performance of this concrete test hammer over its predecessors”


Additional NDT Concrete Products

Profoscope +Rebar locator, cover depth indicator + diameter indicator. PDF
Original Schmidt The World’s first and now most widely used concrete test hammer. PDF
PaperSchmidt First rebound hammer designed specifically for paper roll hardness testing. PDF
Schmidt OS-120 Test on lightweight concrete, gypsum boards and fresh concrete. PDF
Canin+ Fast corrosion analysis using ‘wheel electrode’ resistivity. PDF
Resipod 4-point Wenner probe to measure electrical resistivity in concrete. PDF
Pundit Lap Plus Ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) to examine the quality of concrete. PDF
Torrent Permeability tester that allows the test of covercrete quality. PDF
DY-2 Family Automated pull-off tester for adhesion, coatings and tensile strength. PDF

Proceq – Portable Test Equipment

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Proceq, founded 60 years ago, manufactures high-quality portable testing instruments for the non-destructive testing of material properties of metal, concrete, rock, paper and composites. Proceq designs and manufactures its products in Switzerland and with its in-house Research and Development team continues to bring products to the market that set new standards for the industry. The Swiss company with subsidiaries in North and South America, United Kingdom, Russia, the Middle East, China and Singapore provides its international customers with excellent local support. Proceq is part of Tectus Group.