Setting the Standards Since 1946
CG-5 Autograv™ Gravity Meter

“The CG-5 AUTOGRAV has a standard resolution of 1 microGals with a standard deviation that is < 5 microGals. It is the fastest, lightest, most cost efficient gravity meter on the market today.”


About Scintrex

Setting the Standards” for almost 50 years.
Scintrex develops, manufactures and sells state-of-the-art geoscientific sensors and solutions to the oil & gas, mining, government, academic, environmental and archaeological markets.

Scintrex has a vast product line covering such geophysical methods as Induced Polarization, Resistivity, Magnetics, and Gravity. With products made for Land, Air and Sea; we have an instrument designed with your requirements in mind. Scintrex products such as the CG-5 AUTOGRAV™ Gravity Meter and ENVI Proton Magnetometer are the rocks the companies build upon. These high tech instruments provide fast and accurate measurements to aid in determining what lies beneath the surface. We are now introducing our state of the art ENVI Cs Cesium Magnetometer and our ultra-lightUAV magnetometer the CS-V

Our sister company Micro-g LaCoste manufactures specialty gravity meters like the FG5-X Absolute Meter and the Airborne Gravimeter the New TAGS-6, Dynamic Gravity Meter , as well as the New Marine Gravity Meter the MGS-6 and the gPhoneX Monitoring Meter. For technical information please visit their website at